Message from the Chairman and CEO.

The past two years have seen the global economy deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing disruption across all business sectors. But with the advent of 2022, we began to see a turnaround as vaccinations became more prevalent and the number of cases decreased. As a result, people began to feel more at ease, and the economy started to recover. In Thailand, we've seen a similar trend with the tourism industry, which is a vital factor in our nation's economy, beginning to pick up momentum. Though we've yet to see a full return of Chinese tourists, the relaxation of travel restrictions in various countries has brought a rise in visitors. Additionally, the service sector has also made strides towards recovery. Still, external factors like the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which have contributed to inflation and high interest rates, continue to pose challenges for businesses. In 2022, the performance was in line with our expectation with total revenue of 3,726.9 million baht and net profit of 885.5 million baht.

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